About Us
  Leading the way in affordable quality healthcare
Bhat Bio-Tech India Private Limited (BBI) commenced operations in 1994 in Bangalore, as the entrepreneurial endeavor of a group of NRIs from USA, spearheaded by Dr. Shama Bhat, an internationally acclaimed scientist. What began then as a determined attempt to bring affordable yet top quality diagnostic kits and biotechnological products into emerging markets, has today grown into one of the rapidly expanding and niche diagnostic & biotech companies in the country.
Corporate Vision and Mission
The vision shared at BBI is the continued development of company with a global reach, capable of penetrating each market, fueled by a constant flow of quality products, which provide innovative and affordable solution to customers. Bhat Bio-Tech's Mission is to establish a company for Diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics, Drug Discovery, Bio-Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology based products for industry and healthcare. The products should be affordable to common man in India and elsewhere in the world.
Global Footprint
Consolidating its position as India's niche and prominently acknowledged Diagnostic and Biotech Company, BBI has expanded operations to include several promising markets overseas effectively. Today, BBI exports to over 30 countries across the North America, UK, South Asia, Middle East, Central America, South America, South Africa and South East Asia.
Anchored in Excellence
BBI operates out of Bangalore-the Biotech capital of India, rich with ample resources and reliable infrastructure. The company's core strength - its people power-is a treasured corporate asset, continually recharged by the intellectual pools, generated by many educational and research institutions in Bangalore and other parts of India. The green and air-conditioned environ of this 'Garden City' also set grounds for the developments and sustenance of a conducive work environment for the dedicated efforts of the company. BBI is amply supported by renowned advisers from across the continents through knowledge centers the world over.
A Commitment to Innovate
Success at BBI is the result of hard work, dedication to customers, relentless innovation and research. With zeal to provide not mere products but wholesome solutions, BBI undertakes several projects of immense social and scientific relevance. BBI understands that the real test of technology is the invention of solutions and processes that precede the need for them. We also have the accreditation from the DSIR, Government of India. Guided constantly by the dedicated members of the board, and the global advisory panel, BBI is ever striving to find improved diagnostic and biotech solutions searching for better ways to enhance health and quality of life.
  Quality - a way of life
BBI is unflinchingly committed to continuous quality improvement and delivers products that strictly comply with stringent quality standards like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE Marking and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All products are manufactured and tested under controlled and documented procedures, guaranteeing complete traceability and batch to batch uniformity. Hence, customers from across the world are assured of superior offerings that meet the most exacting quality demands.
Drawing Strength from infrastructure
BBI's state-of-the art facility has all it takes to support the company's zealous exploration of technology horizons and global quality demands. The company is geared with the latest equipments and backed by a qualified, motivated and well-trained production team. Recently, we have added more than 40,000 square feet of facility to house additional R&D, training and manufacturing units. The work force includes a well trained customer service team, sincere administrative personnel and dedicated marketing field force.
When we started the company in 1994, we had a vision of having a company for Diagnostics and Life Science related products and services. Since then Bhat Bio-Tech has nurtured the diagnostic industry / business for almost 15 years. We launched our first product (Pregnancy test) in 1996 and today we have developed in capacity and technology to manufacture more than 100 products. Our product profile includes Pregnancy, HIV, Hepatitis, Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya detection kits, Clinical Biochemistry Reagents, Urine Chemistry, Hematology, and Immunology test kits etc. We are the pioneer in launching the Chikungunya IgG and IgM detection kits in India. Even today, we still continue to be the leading manufacturer of diagnostic kits in India.
  Bhat Gluco-Scan
With the increasing need for monitoring blood glucose levels for diabetic subjects at home itself, we have launched a relatively simple and easy to use Bhat Gluco-Scan glucometers and glucose test strips. This will help the diabetic community to routinely monitor and manage their blood sugar levels and thereby helps in leading a normal life.
As a socially responsible organization / industry, Bhat Bio-Tech is investing its resources in socially relevant projects. We have initiated a financial support system to the children of our employees for their education. We have adopted a nearby school and we provide financial assistance to the students of economically backward classes. We have also instituted several scholarships in colleges to the economically backward and bright students. We also identify the deserving students and provide them with financial assistance for their education.
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