Glucose Test Strips
How do I know whether the test strip correctly inserted or not?
While inserting the test strip into the meter, you will be able to feel the strip fitting in the slot and the display will show a test strip with a drop of blood to signal that the meter is ready for testing. If there is no code chip in the meter an error message (--- CODE) will be displayed on the meter. In that case, insert the code chip that accompanied the box of test strips. An error message (E-7) will appear on the screen if the code chip is damaged or if the code chip was removed during a test. If the code chip is damaged, use a new code chip with the correct code number and run the test. If a chip is removed during a test, confirm that the code chip matches the test strip code and repeat the test.
What is the best way to apply blood sample to the strip for testing?
After obtaining a drop of blood, apply it to the middle of the specified area on the test strip and do not spread the blood sample. If the applied sample is not enough, the meter will indicate the need for some more blood sample.
How do I know that sufficient blood sample is applied to the test strip?
If you have not applied sufficient blood sample to the test strip, the meter will show an error message (E-5). In that case, repeat the test and apply enough blood to fill the test strip check window.
How the strips should be stored?
Strips should be stored in the original container only. Do not expose the strips to too cold or too hot conditions. The recommended storage temperature for the strips is 2 – 30°C. Keep the strips away from direct sunlight. Since the test strips are sensitive to humidity and moisture, close the container tightly with its original cap as it contains a drying agent.
How many months can I use my strip after opening strip container?
The strips can be used till its expiry. The expiry date of strip is printed on the pack as well as on label of the container. But please ensure that the strips are correctly handled and stored as per the instructions given in the strip insert to ensure optimum results.
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