How to Test Blood Glucose
  To test your / one’s blood glucose level, assemble your glucometer, a glucose test strip and lancing device. You / one will want to:
Wash and dry your hands by means of warm water may help the blood flow
Switch on the glucometer and set up a glucose test strip as charted in your / one’s manufacturer’s instructions
Select your / one’s spot – it is not desirable to use blood sample from the same fingertip at all times of checking
Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer in the accompanying user manual to make ready the lancing device and obtain a drop of blood sample from the side of your fingertip or other approved site
Your / one’s blood sugar can be checked by touching and holding the glucose test strip opening to the blood drop until it has absorbed enough blood to commence the test
Scrutinize your / one’s test result and take appropriate steps if your / one’s blood sugar level is too high or too low as per your / one’s physician’s suggestion
Properly discard the used lancet as per the instruction given in the user manual
Use a log book to make records of the test results and store it in the memory of glucometer or transfer the data to a computer so that the test result can be reviewed and analyzed by you / one at a later time.
  Alternate Site Testing (AST)
Some glucometers allow you / one to apply blood sample from other parts of the body like the palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh or calf. Nevertheless, using blood glucose samples from alternate sites to test blood glucose is not always ideal. Blood sample from your / one’s fingertip shows changes in blood glucose quickly, but blood from alternate sites may not, and you / one may not get the most accurate result. Therefore, it is always better to consult with your / one’s healthcare expert before using blood sample from sites other than your / one’s fingertip for testing blood glucose levels.
Generally, AST may be recommended when blood glucose is constant and even, such as immediately before a meal or ahead of bedtime. However, it is not suggested when blood glucose keeps fluctuating rapidly, such as instantaneously after a meal or subsequent to physical exercise.One should never ignore symptoms / signs of low or high blood glucose levels. If you / one feel that his / her blood glucose test result is not satisfactory, carry out a fingertip test to confirm / authenticate the result obtained by AST.
Alternate Sites for Testing
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