Interpretation of Test Results
Regular blood glucose testing is an indispensable practice in day-to-day life care. It helps one to know the way the body handles blood sugar. The trend of the test result data indicates how different kinds of food, physical activity and stress have influenced your / one’s blood sugar level. This also aids in:
Providing helpful information to healthcare panel
Polish up diet, medication or physical exercise
Improve blood sugar and maintaining it within healthy range
Feel better and have additional vigor
Minimize your / one’s jeopardy of chronic complications
The majority of people really feel better when their blood sugar levels are in target range. You / one can refer to remarks or comments in the log book to see how you / one felt when the blood sugar level was in target range, and when it is out of range. This data obtained from blood glucose testing are indications to correlate how the things you / one do influence your / (his / her) blood glucose.It is very common that your / one’s blood sugar values be out of range now and then. However, if you / one see a pattern of lows and highs outside your / one’s target range, you / one need to inquire yourself / (him / her):
Did I change my physical activity?
Did I forget to take my medication, take it at the wrong time, and take too little or too much?
Am taking any new medication?
Am stressed about something?
Do I have an infection or an illness?
Did I drink alcohol?
  It is also imperative to discuss with your / one’s healthcare team when your / (his / her) blood sugar is:
Elevated more than once in 24 hours
Low more than once in 24 hours
Elevated or low simultaneously on more than a few consecutive days
  Being aware of your / one’s blood sugar values puts you / him in control of your / (his / her) diabetes care.
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