Lancing Device
Can lancing device be used for alternative site testing?
Yes, it can be used for alternate site testing (AST). When performing AST we recommend the use of lancing device at the:
Base of the little finger
Base of the thumb
Inside of the forearm
We also suggest you to check with your healthcare professional regarding the suitability of AST in your case.
Can the same lancing device be used by more than one person at a time?
  No. The lancing device is intended for one time use only and it cannot be used by more than one person at a time. If more than one person uses the same lancing device, there will be an increased risk of cross contamination and infection.
Can the lancet be used more than once?
  No. the lancet cannot be used more than once for hygienic considerations. Always use a fresh and sterile lancet every time when you perform the test.
How do I dispose of a used lancet?
  After use, the individual lancets should be disposed of carefully in a waste bin appropriate for the disposal of sharp objects in order to avoid injury to others.
How should I best prepare for blood sampling?
  Wash your hands with soap using warm water and dry them carefully as this will improve circulation or use alcohol swabs to wipe the spot to ensure a clean penetration site.
Is it correct to discard the first drop of blood?
  No. You can use even the first drop of blood as there is no significant difference in blood glucose values measured with the first or the second drop. However, make sure that the penetration site is clean before obtaining blood as contamination with dirt or liquids such as fruit juices, sweat etc may affect the blood glucose values.
Can the fingertip be squeezed to obtain more blood?
  Yes. You can squeeze your finger gently to obtain more blood. Gentle squeezing of the finger tip reduces pain caused by lancing and risk of scarring.
What can I do to ensure I obtain enough blood?
Use warm water to wash your hands. This will increase the blood flow. Dry your hands completely before testing
Keep your hands downwards at your waist level and gently massage the fingertip before lancing.
Press the lancing device firmly against the side of your fingertip.
After lancing, massage your finger towards the tip to encourage a blood droplet to form.
Still if you are not able to obtain enough blood, increase the penetration depth of the lancet device by rotating the black dial one step at a time.
We also suggest you to check with your healthcare professional regarding the suitability of AST in your case.
What can I do if no blood is obtained?
  One of the following reasons may be the cause for obtaining no blood:
The depth of penetration may be too superficial penetration for your skin. Therefore, increase the penetration depth setting.
Press the device firmly against the skin.
Make sure that a lancet is inserted in the device.
Massage your finger towards the tip to obtain blood as sometimes blood drop will not appear immediately after lancing your fingertip.
What is the right way to clean lancing device and how often should clean it?
  Clean the lancing device regularly and wipe off any blood from it immediately. The right way to clean the lancing device is to use cotton or a cloth soaked with 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol and cleaning the device from the outside only at a regular interval (i.e., weekly once).
What is the right way to store the lancets?
  The lancets have to be kept clean and protected from too hot or too cold temperatures.
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