Take Home Messages
Our objective is to help diabetic subjects to effectively manage diabetes. Following are some useful guidelines & messages that will be very useful for any individual who would like to manage his / her blood glucose level.
Knowing that one has diabetes is frightening. But one doesn’t need to be frightened. By routine screening, people with diabetes can live long, healthy and happy lives.
The present day lifestyle needs to be changed with the inclusion of healthy diet, enhanced physical activity and measures for reducing body weight as a means of averting diabetes in individuals who are in the pre-diabetic stage and thus avoid the diabetes epidemic, which is looming large in India.
Treating one’s diabetes is the responsibility of his / her healthcare experts. But the responsibility of tackling diabetes rests with the individual.
Self-testing will help one to know his / her blood glucose levels and the effectiveness of one’s plan to manage diabetes.
Self-monitoring-of-Blood-glucose helps people with diabetes to accomplish a specific level of glycemic control and thus attain their HbA1c target.
Judicious use of SMBG data can help to improve glycemic control, select an anti-diabetic
regimen, and provide powerful feedback to patients wishing to improve metabolic controla
More frequent self-monitoring of blood glucose levels was associated with clinically better glycemic control regardless of diabetes type or therapyb.
Maintaining blood glucose level within the recommended range helps the diabetic subjects more likely to avoid high or low blood sugar levels that may not keep them at ease.
aClinical Diabetes (2002), Vol. 20: 45-47
bAmerican Journal of Medicine (2001) Vol. 111; Issue No. 1: 1-9
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