When to Test Blood Glucose
The effect of your / one’s meals, medications and activities on your / (his / her) blood sugar can be monitored by timing your / one’s routine testing as recommended by healthcare professional / expert. As per American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) recommendation you / one should routinely test blood sugar as an effective part of any self-care programme. For insulin-dependent diabetics, the ADA recommends testing 3 or more times a day. If you / one take any other medication, you / (he / she) should test your / (his / her) blood sugar level as often as your / one’s healthcare panel recommends. Maintaining a log book is a good way to keep track of the results of regular blood glucose tests.
  Based on your / one’s current health status, age, level of activity as well as time of the day and other factors, you / one and your / (his / her) healthcare panel will determine how often you / one should test your / (his / her) blood sugar levels. These factors may suggest that you / one test your / (his / her) blood sugar level at any of the following times:
Before each meal
1 – 2 hours after a meal
Before a bedtime snack
In the midnight
Before physical exercise, in order to see if you / one need a snack
During and after physical exercise
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